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Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime Part 4

Recently, an eager group of Girl Scouts joined San Diego council staff and experienced the excitement of Indian life in the global atmosphere of Sangam: Indian food, outdoor markets, sari shopping, famous sites and Indian art with 11 of their Girl Scout sisters.

This is the last post from Karina, one of the Girl Scouts who just returned from the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy -- and let is know what you think!

I am lucky and blessed and grateful for what I have. And I admire the deep spirit that Indian people have. I look up to their simple, austere and peaceful lives.

I am sixteen, and I know I wouldn’t have seen this experience the same way if I’d had nine or ten. It’s really nice when you’re a little camping girl scout. But as you grow older and mature you acquire the responsibility to open your eyes, and your heart, to others. If it wasn’t for Girl Scouts, maybe I would’ve never been to India. Maybe I would not even care for anyone who’s not me. Maybe I would only be dedicating interest and commitment to me and not those who need it.

But we have been talking about differences, and I’m different. I’m different because I care, I don’t like being just what I am right now. I need more than that. I need new experiences, new adventures; to be there for whoever needs me, and I know there will always be something that I can do. I believe those differences become similarities between leaders. Right now, I’m looking for that. Or maybe even more.

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